6 Valentine's Day Advices Based on Things You Two Didn't Know About Each Other

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Don't know what to get your valentine? Sorry, gumdrops, chocolates, and flowers, but come on. We are all aware of what is really essential. Skip the commercial aspect and offer your loved someone the most precious present of all: your time, presence, and undivided attention!

We've compiled a list of activities and life and love hacks to help you improve your relationships with your partner, best friend, big brother, mother, or neighbor. Enjoy!

1. Take advantage of a long weekend for Valentine's Day!

Plan a nice long weekend with someone you care about! Valentine's Day comes on a Friday this year, so what could be better than taking the day off and starting the weekend off right? Were you busy that weekend? Then why not surprise someone on Friday with Valentine's Day treat? Our hotels provide a variety of amazing amenities that will enable you to spend quality time together.

What is clear is that you will be spoilt for choice with hotels in over 100 different locations around Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Lithuania.

2. Cooking at home or eating out?

In a handmade, creamy mushroom sauce, how much space is there for love and caring? The answer is limitless. Food is synonymous with love. Completely finished. You can't go wrong whether you order food to-go from your local bar, make your own garlic aioli to accompany some prawns or surprise them with their favorite cuisine. Another decent, if not better, the option is to relieve each other of the task of cooking and cleaning dishes by treating yourself to a night out at one of your town's restaurants or pubs.

But, you must make one pledge during supper. There are no screens. There is no television, tablet, or smartphone. NADA. Turn everything off. In a restaurant, perhaps? Please leave your phones at home. Alternatively, have them on in flight mode and securely tucked away in a purse or pocket. Turn off all notifications and vibrations. Comprende?

3. Do you communicate in the same Love Language?

Affirmation in the form of words, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and physical contact. What is it that they all share in common? Yes, they are all a part of the Love Language phenomenon! Psychologist Gary Chapman has discovered the BIG FIVE ways we express our love. Knowing your partner's Love Language may also provide you with invaluable advice on how to improve his or her experience of your love (... as well as save you from a misunderstanding).

Not sure which of the five languages your sweetie speaks? You're really fortunate! Because you'll have a fantastic chance for a fun, contemplative, and most likely extremely interesting debate!

4. The crap is eye contact...

As you are aware. "The eyes are the soul's mirror," and so forth. But did you know that only 4 minutes of eye contact is enough to activate the chemicals adrenaline and oxytocin? Yes, you guessed correctly. These are the same hormones that make our bodies samba when we're in love. Longer durations of eye contact simply result in a greater link between us. And doesn't it sound wonderful? On February 14th, will it be your ace in the hole?

5. Visit a spa for the ultimate in luxury

Going to a spa as a couple has always seemed like the ultimate indulgence. What could be better than going into a little, tranquil bubble of hot baths, sauna, massage, nice food, and, of course, plenty of time together? Take care of one other, far away from the distractions of ordinary life and the February gloom and cold.

6. Will 36 questions suffice?

Have you heard about the 36 questions that are claimed to produce enchantment as well as the love between two strangers? Well. Take it with a grain of salt. But we can't help but be intrigued by the prospect of engaging in stimulating talks and getting to know close friends and loved ones better. Regardless, we promise a discourse that will allow for mutual vulnerability and intimacy!

In conclusion

Turn off all electronic gadgets. With 36 questions, you can learn something new about each other. Make a list of your love languages. Eye contact, give the brain a hormone boost. Most importantly, there is time, presence, and undivided attention! Everyone deserves to be loved.
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