7 Ways to Change Your Mindset with Positive Thinking

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It is tempting to believe that certain individuals are just innately positive or negative, and this may be true in some circumstances. However, the fact is that the happiest individuals are those who actively choose to pick themselves up and appreciate the wonderful things in life every day.

According to Mayo Clinic research, purposeful positive thinking not only decreases everyday stress but also the risk of heart disease and other physical problems. A healthy, happy mind really helps individuals live longer lives. Don't wait until you feel better to start living healthier, both emotionally and physically – start living healthier now so you can feel better later. Take our word for it.

Changing your perspective on life is a lengthy process, but it is doable in stages. You must begin small and gradually introduce new behaviors that will gradually replace the old, damaging ones. Here are a few methods to start shifting your thinking processes if you want to welcome more happiness into your life.

1. Listen to Uplifting Music

We all like music. It both inspires and entertains us. Even sorrowful music may let us appreciate the entire gamut of our emotions. But listening to the same thing over and over again is certain to have an impact on us. Pay attention to the words of the songs you're listening to on repeat. Are they motivating? Is the music's pace energizing? Find a few upbeat songs from any genre and add them to your playlist. Use Pandora or Spotify to locate similar tracks. Allow them to serve as the soundtrack to your newfound optimism.

2. Make a Sunshine Folder

This might be either a real folder on your desk or a file on your computer's desktop. Fill it with items that make you happy. Photos of family, closest friends, treasured moments, gorgeous artwork, or inspirational quotations that inspire you. Return to the folder anytime you see yourself dragging. This is your own beautiful universe; it reflects everything positive in your life and who you aspire to be.

3. Practice Positive Self-Speak

According to research professor Brené Brown, we should "talk to ourselves as we would someone we love." You would never say harsh things about yourself to a loved one, so why is it OK to say them to yourself? You would never keep someone around who was continually putting you down. You want support and comfort from your buddies. You must also be a friend to yourself. Give yourself some leeway. When you're struggling, remind yourself, "I'm learning." When you glance in the mirror, tell yourself, "I look terrific today." When you don't know anything, say to yourself, "I'll look it up." If you repeat anything enough times, you will begin to believe it. Choose to repeat good things.

4. Surround Yourself with Positive Individuals

It's difficult to be cheerful in the presence of naysayers and bullies. If the people around you are continually pointing out defects and issues in the world, you will feel the same way. It's difficult enough to keep oneself upbeat without having people bring you down. Look for friends who are already optimistic and healthy. Encourage one another and develop healthy habits together.

5. Spread Your Happiness

According to a Chinese saying, "if you desire happiness for a lifetime, assist someone else." Have you ever realized how satisfying it is to make someone laugh? Or to get a firmly squeezed embrace when you offer someone a thankful gift? Bringing pleasure into the lives of others is one of the most effective methods to produce happiness on your own. Tell them they are lovely. Pay for someone else's coffee. When you grab someone's attention on the street, smile. You never know how much that compassion will be appreciated. And, perhaps, they will pay it forward.

6. "Does This Matter?"

It's easy to get caught up in the minutiae of each day. Getting cut off in traffic, getting into a heated dispute, and spoiling your favorite clothing. Sometimes all of these things seem to occur on the same day, and you are confident that it is the worst day of our life. But how many of these factors are really important in the long run? You'll ultimately forget about the vehicle and the quarrel, and you'll discover a new favorite garment. When you find yourself lingering on the negative aspects of the day, try to remember all of the great aspects as well. They're there; don't overlook them because a handful of little misfortunes have left you in a bad mood.

7. Take a deep breath and pause

Positivity is a decision made every minute of every day, and with the correct resolution, it can become a natural response. The skill of "pausing" is the last tactic to try. Pause and consider the facts before reacting to any circumstance. Don't let your emotions get the best of you. If being upset, shouting, or storming away from the situation does not seem to be constructive, take a deep breath and consider how you want to behave. Then just do it.

Instill Positive Thinking, But Watch Out for Toxic Positivity

Positive thinking is effective and may change your perspective and life, but it is not a panacea.

Positive thinking may not be able to influence some aspects of your life, mind, or body. Simply "thinking positive" isn't always the greatest option.

When positivity is exploited as a panacea for all problems, it may become poisonous. In certain circumstances, more than a good attitude is required. Major life upheavals, bereavement, painful events, and severe sadness are just a few examples of things that are unlikely to be remedied by a "positive vibes only" attitude.

If you need more assistance than a cheerful attitude, seek it out.

Make contact with a buddy. Contact a helpline. Alternatively, make an appointment with an expert who can assist you. Therapy and counseling may assist you in overcoming obstacles and laying the groundwork for your positive thinking to show through. (With virtual treatment alternatives, you can even obtain help from the comfort of your own home.)

You don't have to be enslaved by negative thinking. If you need assistance, ask for it.

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